Starting the foreign owned company (PT PMA) in Indonesia. CPT Corporate, your trusted partner for company serviceĀ inĀ Indonesia.

Why CPT Corporate?

Credibility and Expertise

You will be assisted by our in-house-lawyer and accountant who has credibility and experiences in setting up the business. We can advise you on the best type of company for your business. We also provide guidance on the company structures and compliance requirements in Indonesia.


Assisted Companies


Years of Experiences

We have successfully assisted over 100 companies in establishing their business and support the secretarial services in Indonesia
CPT Corporate
CPT Corporate
CPT Corporate
CPT Corporate
CPT Corporate

We can assist you to start a business in Indonesia Less Than 10 Days!

Requirements to start business

CPT Corporate

How CPT Corporate helps you:

Contact our consultant to discuss your plan presence in Indonesia

Choosing the suitable legal entity type

CPT Corporate will help establishing your presence in Indonesia

All Process are Done!

Total Fee
$ 1300 USD

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